Recruitment Procedure

Information on Admission to K1 Classes in the 2020/21 School Year Collection of application Forms

Collection of application Forms

  1. Download from school website(

  2. Obtain from school in person

Distribution Period

  1. Date: 1 August 2019start
  2. Time:Mondays to Fridays (9:00a.m-12:00noon)(1:00p.m-5:00pm)Saturday (9:00a.m- 1: 00p.m)

Return of Application Forms

  1. Date: 9 September 2019 start
  2. Time: Mondays to Fridays (9:00a.m - 12:00noon) (1: 00p.m-5:00pm) Saturday (9:00a.m - 1: 00p.m)
  3. Return method: Submit the application form in person
    1. including original and the copy of identity document
    2. photo of child,
    3. the copy of immunization record
  4. Application fee: HK$40(to be collected together with the application form)
  5. The application fee is non-returnable whether the application is successful or not.
  6. Three return envelopes: each envelope enclosed with HK$3.00 stamp.

Interview Arrangement

  1. The kindergarten will arrange interview for all Applicants.
  2. Date: 2 /11/2019 (Saturday), we will inform you the interview time when you submit the application form.
  3. Parents should accompany their child during the interview.