Introduction to Course

Curriculum Mode

Our curriculum is creative and proivde many opportunities for children to explore, problem solve and develop their creativity & critical thinking.

Curriculum Concept


The school embraces a child-oriented curriculum concept and takes children’s life experience as the core, allowing children to learn through activities and their own learning. So as to cultivate the spirit of exploration, increase children’s problem-solving, sense of expression and understanding of the world around them.


Curriculum Objective


To meet the needs of children as well as cultivate their balanced development in moral, intellectual, art, physical, social and emotional aspect and cultivate children’s good living habits, develop a healthy body, and stimulate children’s interest in learning so that children can be autonomous, spontaneous, and bring out the learning attitude to explore that will lay out the foundation for future learning.


Learning Assessment


The school uses a variety of methods to record children's life performances in the school, and organize them into a file of children's learning history, so that families and schools can understand the growth of the children together.